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Our Company

The premier source for life-changing luxury experiences and bespoke moments. 

Travelnista On The Move LLC is a luxury-focused travel, entertainment, and lifestyle management company, serving clients globally. Established in 2018, we provide many solutions to elevate experiences for individuals, companies, and organizations. Unlocking opportunities and unique experiences by promptly fulfilling requests with a tireless passion for detail.  At the core of our company, we believe in creating close ties with each client to best understand all needs and preferences. We are an innovative company operating within an extensive global network to bring clients a full-service experience. 



"Travelnista On The Move LLC. was started for exclusive, meaningful, authentic, and tailored experiences. A passion for luxury, a desire to help to create lifelong memories, and a new inspiring perspective of the world. 


We are committed to dynamically empower worldwide, to inspire, and connect. Ushering in a world where more people enjoy travel, entertainment, and lifestyle experiences. With many discoveries to create more adventure, share, and bridge the gap across borders."


  Jacoya Miller,



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