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Grab An Exclusive Getaway With This Expert Deal Hunter

Updated: May 13, 2020

Now you can discover hidden travel deals with this well-known expert deal hunter.

TravelPirates, one of the top deal hunters in the travel search engine business. The Travelnista herself had an opportunity to do an exclusive interview with TravelPirates Chief Editor, Dom Scarlett. Check it out below:

How would you describe the services you offer? Why has TravelPirates considered one of the top travel deals resource sites? TravelPirates vs. an individual's naked eyed search? What's the difference, if any?

"TravelPirates is an award-winning travel search platform and app. The free-to-use service is made possible by TravelPirates’ expert deal hunters who use proprietary algorithms and their extensive travel expertise to provide users with the best value-for-money deals on flights, hotels, vacation packages, and more. Our expertise sets us apart and allows us to do all of the legwork for these deals so our users don't have to."

Why has TravelPirates considered one of the top travel deals resource sites?

"We stand out from other travel deal platforms by using a combination of smart travel search technology and the human touch to provide you with unbeatable low prices for destinations you might have considered unreachable on a budget – from luxurious tropical getaways to quick domestic city trips and trendy experiences like glamping, treehouse hotels, and affordable private islands. We even find error fares – pricing mistakes made by airlines and hotels."

How can readers ensure that TravelPirates deals are legit? What's the catch?

"TravelPirates is not an online travel agency. We simply find the best deals out there and show you how to purchase them yourself on booking websites we know and trust. There is no catch. We are transparent about pricing — there’s no “gotcha” pricing in any of our deals — we tell you about baggage fees and resort fees upfront."

Credit: TravelPirates

What are some of the unbelievable deals that TravelPirates ran across for 2019 thus far?

"From our recent error fare to Costa Rica from Los Angeles for $143 round trip to our Paris vacation for $648, we're always finding great "WOW" deals."

How can one make sure they do not miss a deal with TravelPirates

"In addition to our website, our users can sign up for our newsletter or download our app, which gives users the ability to create push notifications for their desired destinations."

Can you book deals immediately through your website?

"We are not a travel agency, so you do not book deals through our website. However, all of our deals are researched daily and are bookable at the time of publication. If the price or availability of an offer change, we'll communicate that in the deal post. As the best offers often have limited availability, you should always act quickly to make sure you don't miss out on a bargain."

As travel experts, when is the best time of year to snag the best deals?

"We find excellent deals all the time — you never know what will pop up. This is why it's important to check back frequently."

What's next for TravelPirates?

"We'll continue to hunt for the best travel deals."

We would like to take the time to say thank you to TravelPirates!

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