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Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of Curaçao

Why Curacao should be on your bucket list

Dutch Delight with a Splash of Sunshine

In Curaçao, the Dutch influence is as evident as its dazzling beaches. But forget those wooden clogs; here, it's all about flip-flops and snorkeling gear. The island's capital, Willemstad, is like a mini-Amsterdam with pastel-colored houses lining the waterfront.

It's a place where you can explore colonial architecture, shop for souvenirs, and dine on delicious local seafood while wondering if you've somehow stumbled into a real-life postcard.

Curious Culinary Concoctions

Curaçao's culinary scene is not just about seafood, though the fresh catches of the day are indeed a must-try. When it comes to food, the island's cuisine is like a deliciously quirky stand-up comedy show. Dive into the local stew, Keshi Yena, a dish where leftovers become the star, wrapped in melted Gouda cheese.

Be sure to wash it down with the sweet and tangy awa di lamunchi (limeade), or even better, a Blue Curaçao cocktail, the color of which may or may not make you wonder if the sea has decided to move inland.

UNDERWATER SEA TREKKING for the Brave (and the Slightly Whimsical)

Curaçao's underwater world is like a Dr. Seuss creation come to life. Its vibrant coral reefs and surreal marine life are as colorful as a psychedelic dream. Dive into the Alice-in-Wonderland-like Blue Room, a cavern where you will feel like you've tumbled down a rabbit hole into a hidden world.

Curaçao travel tips

Before you pack your bags for your trip to this mesmerizing island, there are some helpful tips to better plan your escapade.

Fill out a digital immigration card

Before you set foot on the sun-kissed shores of Curaçao, make sure to complete the digital immigration card, a requirement within seven days of your arrival. You have the choice to either print it out or keep it on your mobile device. I opted for the printed version, finding it more convenient than fumbling with my phone, especially when I might not have access to WiFi!

English is widely spoken

In Curaçao, a multitude of languages echo through the streets, but the island's official tongue is the captivating blend known as Papiamentu. This linguistic marvel fuses elements of Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch, and it's widely spoken alongside Dutch.

What's truly remarkable is the island's linguistic prowess. Most locals boast fluency in five or more languages, a skill honed through formal education and interactions with the diverse influx of tourists gracing the island's shores.

USD is widely accepted

Bringing USD as your currency to Curaçao is acceptable. While the official currency is the Guilder, sometimes referred to as the Florian. If you make payments in USD, you might receive change in guilders, so it's wise to keep an eye on the prevailing exchange rate.


Curaçao isn't your typical tropical paradise, and that's precisely what makes it so remarkable. It's a destination where wit and charm coexist with stunning natural beauty, creating an unforgettable vacation experience that will leave you with not just sun-kissed skin, but a belly full of laughter and a heart brimming with colorful memories.

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