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RTS Weekend: Entrepreneurship & Growth Conference - Jamaica

Updated: May 2, 2020

Zedoj Luxurias Event's Red Ties and Stilettos Entrepreneurship & Growth Conference is Jamaica's Best Entrepreneurship 3-Day Event for All Aspiring Entrepreneurs. "The Red Tie & Stilettos Initiative founded by Jodianne Murdock in 2017 is designed for anyone with ambition and a burning desire to grow within the company they work for, start their own business or expand on an existing business."

Founder, Jodianne Murdock,

Photo Credit: LiveFast Jamaica

Jodianne Murdock, the creator and CEO/Founder of "The Red Tie & Stilettos Initiative", hosted the third annual conference in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at the Moon Palace Resort. Joined by special guest Vivica A. Fox the three-day event brought out hundreds of women and men from around the world.

Photo Credit: LiveFast Jamaica

Hundreds of aspiring bosses came to enjoy three days of discussions, inclusive brunch, panels, beach parties, workshops, cocktail hours, and of course, much fun!

Celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation by joining professionals at every level to come together, share ideas, and own their success.

During the RTS Weekend Brunch, one highlight from Keynote Speaker, Vivica A. Fox was "If you do the work you own the reward." Urging boss women & men to take the opportunities they are offered with both hands and work hard to achieve their dreams - because it is possible!

RTS Weekend proved that you're not alone in your desire to succeed. It doesn’t matter what's your race, gender, religion, nationality, and/or finances are. Strong self-determination goes a long way when it comes to setting fear into another lane and reaching for your dreams. Get EMPOWERED, EDUCATED, ENRICHED, and ENTREPRENEURIAL!

RTS Weekend is all about building your inner confidence so you can keep living the very life you want. We only have a limited amount of time on this planet. Why spend a moment unsatisfied? Pursue your passions! Building your social circle with like-minded people works wonders for your confidence. With determination and resourcefulness, turn passions into the next successful thriving business.

What is in store for next year? There are rumors of the RTS Conference being held on a cruise ship? That would be amazing, if so! Make sure to stay tuned for RTS events on Instagram @zedoj_red_tie_and_stilettos or their Website:

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