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The Insider: 6th Annual Women's Travel Fest 2019 - New York City

Updated: May 2, 2020

Finally, someone understands your love for travel. If you are a "travel enthusiast"- this one is for you!

Women's Travel Fest is the world's largest annual conference created to inspire, empower, and connect women who travel. Founded by fellow travel blogger of Go! Girl Guides, Kelly Lewis. The three-day event took placed on March 8th-10th, 2019 in New York City.

"This event focuses on brag-worthy adventures for exceptional women and shows ways to create a life and business that keeps you exploring. The result is a transformative event that launches careers, connects new friends, and has sent hundreds of women across the world."

Interested in learning a new creative travel skill? How about possibly meeting a new travel buddy? Seeking to collaborate with a travel brand? Want to learn more travel secrets? Engage and listen in on panel discussions? Participate in workshops? The Women's Travel Fest is the place to be!

Photo courtesy: Jacoya Miller | @travelnistaonthemove


The Women’s Travel Fest is for women passionate about traveling the world. The audience was full of travel entrepreneurs, women professionals, and across the travel industry. Women of all ages ranges and ethnicities are welcomed.

How Travel Actually Enhances Your Career? (Panel):

This panel focused on balancing a 9-5 full-time job and traveling the world and options to make traveling a career. It's not as hard as you think!

We really felt like the conference offered a nice balance of talks and was a breath of fresh air all the same.

Photo courtesy: Jacoya Miller | @travelnistaonthemove

The Future of Travel is Female:

As the travel industry continues to change in many ways we expect to see ever-increasing numbers not only in women-owned and operated businesses but also in a range of roles throughout the travel industry traditionally predominated by males as we know. Take a look below firsthand which highlights part of the change that of women as leaders and changemakers in the travel industry and beyond:

Powerful Panels that caught our interest:

Media Lounge Partners:

Fingers Lakes Wine Country - Great selections of wines and champagnes. Yum!

Photo courtesy: Jacoya Miller | @travelnistaonthemove

This was Travelnista's first year in attendance and had an opportunity to connect with so many wonderful individuals and brands within the three days. "The power of networking is so GRAND!" - Erica Vrivo. We totally agree :)

Overall Is The Women's Travel Fest Worth it?

Yes Indeed! The atmosphere of this three-day conference attracts like-minded travel individuals from all over the country, with many for repeat visits. Opportunities abound for all entrepreneurs to talk, laugh, and exchange ideas/opinions during the panels, workshops, and lunches and mixers. The Women's Travel Fest sends a powerful message of the value that women can bring to the travel industry. We're glad to have stumbled across this awesome cultural event and extremely enjoyed all of the tons of experiences throughout the weekend.

Be sure to check out the event next year and stayed tuned for any other events on Instagram @WomensTravelFest or Website:

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