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ENVSNFEST: Vision is Power - New York City!

Updated: May 2, 2020

I’s one week after an invigorating conference. Your head has been filled with so much insight, techniques, leads, and inspiring stories. Your notes are filled with ideas and many possibilities for execution. Now it is time to manifest!

Inspired by dreamers, go-getters, and future leaders vision is power. The ENVSNFEST is a festival just for dreamers. A multi-dimensional community that is solely committed to empowerment. "ENVSN was born with the goal to serve and foster the talent, dreams, and sustainability of youth culture in an inclusive environment, that promotes collaboration, discovery, and conversation."

The two-day event took place in Brooklyn, New York at Industry City on September 14th and September 15th, 2019. Industry City was transformed into 2 floors that were dedicated to direct-to-consumer beauty, wellness, and fashion products. There were DJs, live performances, influencers, vendors, dancers, complimentary popcorn, and cotton candy.

ENVSNFEST focuses on bringing together a collective of strong, influential personalities who, at the core, believe in the power of women. It’s a collaboration of many possibilities where real success stories are used as a platform of encouragement for the millennial minds.

Checkout the ENVSNFEST 2019 Recep below:

Excited for next year's annual ENVSNFest! Stay tuned for any other events on Instagram @ENVSNFEST or their Website: ENVSNFESTIVAL.COM.



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